Well this is new (Adult Warning)

I do try and be honest when I write. For privacy reasons I tend not to go into details about my relationship with my partner, but for this I might have to

I wrote the other day about going to the doctor because I couldn’t figure out what was going on in my head,

I am irritable, cant concentrate on anything for long periods of time or for short periods of time and I am very very very horny.

I am not great at talking about my sex life, firstly its mine, secondly its private and thirdly its none of anyone elses business, well apart from my partner.

I follow a few other people who have bipolar and one of their symptoms can be hyper sexuality. I have never experienced this

But looking at google and reading through a few of their blogs, plus talking to my best friend C it looks like it can just appear, just like mania and depression. Especially when going through a stressful period.

I am sure that people who have never gone through this and are sexually active probably think its great, you can spend the day having sex all day.

Few problems with this,

  1. its half term and Monkey does not know how to knock. There is no point in one of us taking him out as the process for love making you need the two of us, obviously there are ways and means when you are alone, but that is a short term fix.

2. Next is the fact that you don’t get a feeling of sexual gratification ever, so you just need to keep on going, please see problem 1. If you have ever seen the musical Hamilton, the song Satisified springs to mind

3. The amount of self control it takes to keep this under control because of problem 1 and 2

4. Not many people seem to talk about this as a symptom, so its difficult to find sensible solutions to dealing with it, its a very taboo subject, but it shouldn’t be.

Its been nearly 3 days now and its still not gone away despite my partner doing what he can. I am seriously wondering whether I can write erotic books

I can see why people have blamed this for having affairs, because it is consuming my ever waking moment. Christ, its consuming a lot of my sleeping moments as well.

I don’t know what triggered it, its like my brain has gone she is managing far to well, fuck her throw this in, but this is going to add a whole new layer onto my conversation with the doctor.

At times I would really like to be normal and not have to deal with this shit.

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4 Responses to Well this is new (Adult Warning)

  1. Hyper sexuality is difficult to get out of your head i agree. And it must be quite startling when you’ve never experienced it. Thank you for being candid

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  2. Carol anne says:

    I’ve never experienced it, if anything I have a low sex drive, I’ve often wondered if this is actually normal, or if I just have no interest due to my abuse history, I really don’t know. I don’t envy you having to put it all out there to a doctor, I’d be scared shitless, its not something that’s easy to discuss, xoxo


  3. Know what you mean about doors flying open and a child appearing. Tricky to say the least. The urges can be part of mania.


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