And to finish

I wanted to give a quick heads up to a few people, who checked in with me over the weekend. Some of them commented on the weekend share, but I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to share their blogs, or just say hello



The bag lady

popped in with some encouraging words

Darling Larry sent me this, that made me chuckle

And my lovely friend Cyranny made this post, and she is right,

Also thank you to the lovely people that sent me messages over twitter and email.

I am sorry I haven’t managed to get back to anyone. It took a lot out of me being sociable on Friday, I am sure I will be back to my usual sarcastic self soon, well to be honest the British Government have made that possible with their sodding new lockdown rules.

I am not very good at being soppy, so I shall just say, you all don’t smell of poo :-p

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6 Responses to And to finish

  1. It was so very nice to see our darling and lovely friends this past Friday too

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Lol the last line you are hilarious trina! I love you girl! ❤

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