Predictions from the Internet

It looks like over the weekend, Joe Biden won the election race to become president of the US.

As I heard the news, I went down various rabbit holes to see what could happen.

First off, I think it was obvious that Trump wouldn’t conceed, but from the reading I have been doing, it is possible that he could quit before January. Why would he do this?

Because that means Pence would take over and do you know what Presidents do at the end of their term? They can pardon people, lets see do we know anyone who is being investigated? Yes we do. Donald Trump, so would it be possible that like Ford did for Nixon, Trump is going to be pardoned? This does assume he is smart and doesn’t let his ego take over and Pence does as he is told.

Then I had a look into the new president, it seems like he was bought in because he is popular, they had to get some of the votes back from Trump, so they needed a old white guy and he fitted the bill. It is a possibility he might only serve the one term, what might happen, is he might step down in the middle of his term and let Harris take over and that would be cool.

But what this has bought about, is rumours about the UK Prime Minister, it appears that he is not popular with either Biden or Harris, something about him being a racist cockwomble and with us having left the EU, we need the USA more than they need us. So now is it possible that Johnson will step down, our deadline of the 31st December is looming now and still no deal has been agreed. He can’t deliver anything he promised and his own party are starting to rebel, so it is possible, that the decision in the USA may affect us here in the UK.

Of course this is all assuming, that Trump won’t win anything in court and I am not 100% we can rule that out, next few months are going to be interesting for both sides of the pond.

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18 Responses to Predictions from the Internet

  1. Carol anne says:

    Same for us! It’ll be interesting to see what happens! Joe biden is going to increase taxes, and I think he also wants to keep all the multinational companies in the USA and some of the big ones have head offices in Ireland! So we shall see what becomes of it!

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  2. Joshua Shea says:

    I believe you can only be pardoned for convictions or current charges. It’s not immunity from future charges or wrongdoing. That said, am I’m not a fan of Trump, for the sake of this country healing, I don’t think giving him any spotlight moving forward is good. Him in trial would not help soothe this country. It would divide us only more.

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  3. A president cannot pardon anyone for state crimes, only federal crimes. That means, as it is New York State who is investigating him, he cannot be pardoned for anything they find. I’m still worried about them trying that.

    There are still a million ways he could try a coup d’etat or steal the election, which has me worried, but I’m trying to be optimistic.

    71 more days.

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  4. says:

    I’m not so sure Trumps ego would let him step down early. He is more inclined to stay and make the transition a spectical of what an ass hole he is.

    As for taxes, I wish folks would talk about it in the right context. He said said he would tax those with $400k income and above and corporations. People talk as if he is taxing everyone…not so.

    I have some issues with Joe, but at least the man has a soul. Nuff said?

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