Trina Inquires 11/11/20

Will you be taken the Covid Vaccine if offered?

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22 Responses to Trina Inquires 11/11/20

  1. Carol anne says:

    Yes! I probably will get it! Will you? ❤

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  2. suze hartline says:

    nope. I think it is rushed and not thoroughly tested.

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  3. V says:

    If my doctor tells me it’s safe, I will. If my doctor tells me to wait until after the first roll out, then I will be waiting. Also though, when the SARS vaccine came out, the rollout was such that it went to the ‘important’ members of society first. Athletes got it, politicians got it, actors and actresses got it first. It was a couple of months before it was available to us regular folk.

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  4. Yes, unless it’s promoted by Trump, then no. As I won’t be one of the first to get it, if there are adverse reactions I will alter course.

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  5. Cyranny says:

    When the time comes, and if it has proved to be effective, I’ll take it.

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  6. says:

    If the stated effectiveness rate of 90% is true, then yes. If not, then not yet.

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  7. Joshua Shea says:

    My wife works in health care as an MA and whatever the consensus of the doctors in her office is, I’ll follow it.

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  8. DiosRaw says:

    No. Research deeper into vaccines and what is being told to us. These vaccines will be the end of us.

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