Trina Inquires 13/11/20

How has your week been?

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11 Responses to Trina Inquires 13/11/20

  1. suze hartline says:

    pretty damned good.

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  2. Fast but today is slow boo hoo 😆

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  3. says:

    Shitty comes to mind…I’m still having problems regulating my Parkinson’s meds. They either give me really bad nausea and vomiting/dry heaves, or make me weak, dizzy and so tired, just going to the can (the leu if I spelled it right?) wears me out. Doc says he doesn’t have many options yet, but is ‘looking into some new ones’. I can see now why medicine is called a practice rather than a science like mathematics or physics. There is no silver bullet, one size fits all cure for diseases.

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  4. Carol anne says:

    Very good thanks! I have had an okish week I guess. I’ve been up and down though mental health wise!

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