In Downing Street

Its been a bad week for all those in Downing Street. So what is going on?

Dominic Cummings, he of the I tested my eyes with a drive in my car with the whole family fame. Or the person actually running the country, seems to have had a bit of a strop, thrown his toys out the pram and left. Although depending on reports, it maybe because the PM’s girlfriend, didn’t like someone he hired and complained and got called Princess Nut Nut. Now its important to note, that originally it was said to be Princess Nuts Nuts, but that has been refuted. Princess Nut Nut has not. Anyway Johnson, got moody and told Cummings and his friend to fuck off.

Cummings broke lockdown rules, made up a bullshit story, got away with it, we have over 50,000 people dead from Covid, the economy is tanked, Johnson’s party refused to back a bill feeding kids in poverty, our track and trace system is comical and testing is even worst.

Yet what really annoyed him was his partner being called a name. Yep that who is in charge of the country.

Obviously, he would want to get out in front of any newspaper reports, especially because they have someone in Whitehall who can’t keep their mouths shut. We know that they have a problem with someone leaking everything, because the papers know what is going on before the government and the best thing I saw, was the plan to try and catch this person was leaked to the papers. You couldn’t make this shit up

Late last night, while everyone was distracted with I’m a Celebrity the news broke that Johnson has to isolate for 14 days due to being in contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid. This is very convienient for him.

But obviously if our fearless leader, who boasted of shaking hands with Covid patients, had stuck to his own fucking rules of hands, face, space this shouldn’t have happened.

I might not be so angry with this shitshow, if this wasn’t predictible back in May and although I may have to change my prediction of a GE in December, there is still the strong possibility of him resigning, due to health issues with Covid before Christmas.

Of course, which one of the soulless, incompetent idiots we would then get, is not worth thinking about.

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11 Responses to In Downing Street

  1. Joshua Shea says:

    I hear you on all of this. It’s no better here. We just learned our President hasn’t been to a COVID task force meeting in 5 months and while we face record numbers of cases AND deaths, and while different areas grudgingly roll-back restrictions that will hurt their economy…. Donald Trump golfs… and refuses to admit that he lost an election where (so far) 5,500,000 more people voted for the other guy. I hope he teaches people that narcissism isn’t just something that self-centered people have, it’s a legit mental health condition.

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  2. Wacky ones at the helm twins UK and US.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    I heard about him having to isolate due to being in contact with someone who has covid. He’s a wanker. Lol sorry but he is a total idiot, not that our own politicians are much better, they aren’t. xo

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