Trina Inquires 25/11/20

Would you ever appear on a quiz show?

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19 Responses to Trina Inquires 25/11/20

  1. No. I’m not a factoid person.

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  2. I think I’d be good at the five seconds rule on the Ellen show

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  3. V says:

    I applied for Jeopardy.
    I’m not smart enough. lol

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  4. I’ve always wanted to be on Jeopardy. I’d do that in a second. I’d likely make a fool outta myself, and it will never be the same without Alex Trebec, but I’d still love a shot.

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  5. Sheree says:

    I was on radio quiz show Top of the Form when I was at school

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  6. Joshua Shea says:

    As a former felon, I’m disqualified.

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    • I find that so weird, you have done your time, you should be getting a fresh slate really. I only found out recently you have to reapply for your chance to vote again. I get not being able to do that while you are in jail, but once you have done you time you should be able to do everything a non felon can do (obviously within reason depending on the crime)


  7. Carol anne says:

    Nope! But I’d love to some day!

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