I needed that laugh

The Welsh First Minister has come out with, I feel the British public, wont take advantage of the relaxed rules at Christmas. They will be sensible

So, the plan seems to be to let us crack on with it and keep our fingers crossed that the majority of people don’t mix.

Also he is talking about the great British Public, the ones who voted for Brexit, because we don’t want unelected officials making our laws. I feel I should mention the House of Lords, filled with unelected officials who make our laws. Also the Queen, who really is only a figurehead, but that figurehead gets there by being born first.

Also the ones who voted in Boris Johnson, a person who makes so many u turns I get dizzy, who speaks about family values and yet is a little vague on how many children he has, who cheated on his wife several times, while she was going through cancer treatment. That guy.

The sensible British public who flocked to the beaches during a pandemic in the summer.

But then when you look at it another way, the majority of spikes happen because of the rules that this Government have made, such as lifting restrictions so we could all flock to the beach, eat out to help out, encouraging us to go to resturants and eat. Sending university students to uni, so in September we had a mass movement all over the country. Putting vulnerable people back into care homes while having Covid at the very start. Not even mentioning, the lack of PPE, testing and our world beating track and trace which seems to be less like Usain Bolt and more like me hopping the 100 meters.

Then we have other things that the government have done in past years, which has helped this virus to spread, Matt Hancock our health minister, said he doesn’t understand why people go into work when they are ill.

The very simple reason is most people can’t afford to take that time off and not get paid for it, those people in minimum wage jobs, such as supermarkets, won’t get paid for the first three days, something the Tory party put in place, as such, most will drag their arses in. Also the small matter that if you take too much time off, you will get disiplined, too much time off and you will lose your job.

These type of laws and rules are very much part of the reason as to why Covid has spread and is still spreading.

Maybe, lets not leave it to the British Public, who on the whole are being fairly sensible and look at the Government and their stupid rules

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10 Responses to I needed that laugh

  1. Forestwood says:

    Absolutely agree. Did not know that about ol’ Boris. What a lecherous type. People don’t stick to rules much less rules that impinge on their social activities. Blind faith that people will do the right thing never works.
    We have the same issue here with the recent casualization of the workforce. Evil. The lowest paid professions and occupations have no job security – they are simply not allocated shifts if they take too much time off. Covid or no covid. We had security officers employed to guard people in hotel quarantine having sex with them. Then contracting Covid and spreading it in the community! These are the guards who were hired via WhatsApp and no vetting procedures – again casuals. However, our contact tracers have done a super job and we have almost zero cases. But our borders have been closed so we can control numbers. I do hope you don’t suffer a huge increase in cases after Xmas but I won’t be holding my breath. For once, it is good to be far away from at the bottom of the world in Australia. Take care.

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  2. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Hahaha…tell me what you really think Trina. Wow, if we change the names of the characters, it’s “second verse, same as the first” here in the States. The govenor of North Dakota has refused to mandate wearing masks, opened schools and basically said have at it y’all. Well they did and people are dropping like flies. We need to weed such ignorance out of the gene pool.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Yes. they are being stupid! So many rules! Although, Irelands not much better!

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