I need a road trip

Having spent most of the day on the sofa, being sat on by various cats, I decided to have a look at my stats on my blog, specificially the countries, I was curious what countries I am missing.

For those who are unaware, my geography is probably the biggest weak point I have, for example, someone has moved Hawaii, its much further down and on the wrong side of the US than I thought.

Why I thought it was closer to the UK than Japan, I have no fucking clue, but I also thought, this meant I could do a bit of research on where certain countries are.

My first problem I came across, is how many countries there are in the world and what exactly is a country, the best list I found told me there is 195, but those don’t include terrartories, wordpress does include them, which is why Greenland is still very much a big white not filled in country on my wordpress map, when infact if someone from Denmark has visited it should be included.

But onwards, not including Greenland, I have 45 countries that haven’t visited. Nearly half of those (22) are in Africa and considering there is 54 countries in Africa, you might as well do a massive road trip of the whole continent and log onto my blog. 7 of those are in Oceania and considering there are only 14 countries in Oceania, that hurts. 6 are in Asia, that includes North Korea I am sensing that one is going to be really tough , 5 are in Europe, this includes the Vatican City, considering there are only 825 citizens, I am also sensing that one is tough, unless I go and visit. 4 are in North America, they all seem to be islands, so hopefully they are fairly close together, so I can island hop. The last one is in South America, that is Suriname, once again it seems the Dutch are not interested in my blog, (see Greenland) as Suriname’s official language is Dutch and this is the only sovereign nation outside of Europe, where Dutch is spoken. But seriously, the people of Suriname are some of the most diverse people in the world. They have 23 languages 9 of those are official. It is the smallest country in South America and someone should go and visit it and log onto my blog while you take in the beauty of the Rain Forests.

Now obviously I have no idea if these countries have reliable internet, whether they are developing countries, if they have famine, war or mass poverty.

However, what I am going to do is take a country a week and learn what I can about it

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6 Responses to I need a road trip

  1. Good job embracing the world! I would love to meet bloggers from Paraguay, Central Africa, Madagascar and Nepal. : )

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Lol trina! I love your idea! Take a country a week to learn about it! Woohoo way to go!

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  3. Swankie says:

    Greenland is on my bucket list, love your idea of the road trip!

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