Lockdown Birthday

Today is my partner’s, I started thinking of what I could do this time last year, because its his 40th.

Back in December, it was to save up an go and see a play in London, have the day out.

Then the pandemic hit and we went into lockdown, so I scaled back the plans, maybe do something at our local theatre and have dinner out.

Then my partner lost his job, so I had to scale back even further.

Then we went into a second lockdown. Which isn’t ending till after his birthday, so that basically means we are going to be doing what we have done for the past 8 months and sit on our arses. Because like Monkey’s birthday, I can’t get fuck all because of panic buyers.

We don’t really have any money to get him a present so I have made one, for those who are unaware, my craft skills are like my baking and geography very not great.

But we will make it as special as we can.

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10 Responses to Lockdown Birthday

  1. Cyranny says:

    Did you get him his McDonald breakfast?

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Happy birthday to him! I’m sure he’ll appreciate whatever you do for him!

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  3. KDKH says:

    If you still like each other after 8 months stuck together, that is a gift. I’m sure he still loves you, regardless of your baking skill levels. Hang in there.

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