It doesn’t make me selfish

We are having protests here in the UK, like I think in a few other countries. Ours are to do with the 2nd lockdown and to be honest I support alot of the protesters.

Not the guy who turned up as Santa high on something, but the people who haven’t had any help from the government at all, its over 3 million people. Who have received nothing, many have watched the businesses they have built up destroyed, are having to sell their homes, struggling to put food on the table for even the most basic of meals.

I do think Covid is real, I don’t think its just like the flu, I think its much worse. But also I think the damage this government are now doing to the economy is going to kill a lot more people than Covid is going to manage.

We are now expecting the biggest mass unemployment for nearly 40 years, this is not going to be helped by Brexit and the damage that is going to do.

In my opinion its due to the government making decisions based on popularity, not based on any actual science.

People are going to suffer because of the things the government have put in place for years previous to this as well. The benefit system is not fit for purpose and as people are now discovering not enough to live on. Our mental health support was struggling before this and now, will be snowed under.

People are being encouraged to report their friends and neighbours if they are breaking the rules, its not a good time to be in the UK, the government and the media are doing a fine job of pitting the public against each other.

I got called selfish the other day because I dare to have the opinion that this lockdown is complete and total bollocks. I get the first one, when we couldn’t do anything, I wasn’t a massive fan of the schools closing, but got it. I have followed all the rules, no matter how stupid I thought they are, I honestly believe a lot of people are also doing this and yet cases are rising.

I think we should keep social distancing and masks, but let the businesses open and start cracking on with getting the economy going. The government have already said we can see each other at Christmas but we have to be sensible, if they think the public can do it then, then why they don’t think we can do it now.

This lockdown has been a waste of time and done so much damage to people. I hope when history looks back, it judges this government as criminals

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7 Responses to It doesn’t make me selfish

  1. Carol anne says:

    We finished our current lockdown tonight. From tomorrow we’re back to level 3. For Christmas at least, then after Christmas apparently we’re going back into a lockdown again! Its so stupid!

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  2. says:

    It is sad; it is stupid; and it should be criminal. Our Congress (and your gov’t as well) has been derelict in honoring their oath of office to the people. All they do is argue and piss on each others shoes. Our Congress goes home for holidays; their session breaks with little or no concern for the people they serve.

    Our news just stated our percentage of new cases is over a mandated limit of 15% and has been for three straight days. Three more and we shut down again. California is so bad, they are threatening a total stay at home order. If that doesn’t kill the economy and people’s well being I don’t know what will. My kids all live in CA and am very woeried for them.

    When Gov’t has no plan; no understanding of the problem; no soul to even have an inkling of the suffering they are causing; then it needs to be changed.

    My prayers cry for someone to step up with a plan and a way to get Congress to compromise. Both sides need their asses kicked.

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    • I think that is why they are relaxing the rules over Christmas, so there isn’t another incident of someone being caught out. The problem is it spreads from travel, want to guess what the majority of MPs are doing? Going to visit family in different parts of the world

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  3. I fear the death from economic fallout and suicide may be worse than the virus. Plus they say the 3rd world is suffering mass death because of the world lockdowns.

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  4. Sheila Moss says:

    In the US we were locked down for a month. Now the virus is worse than it has ever been, but schools are open and so is everything else. They have decided we can’t lock down again due to the economy. It’s a mess. I’m just declaring my own quarentine and trying to hold out until I can get the vaccine. Health care workers and nursing homes are first, which makes sense. I think I will be in the second group. Some people don’t want to take the vaccine at all. Go figure.


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