You have a problem, I have the solution

Another country has just changed its plans about Christmas and told people to stay away from each other.

I am seeing this more and more at the moment.

But its ok, if you are going to be missing your family this year. What you need to do is book a flight to England and come celebrate here, because according to our government we can celebrate and it will be all fine.

Covid is taking 5 days off over Christmas, here, so you will be fine. There is no way this is a popularity decision, given how badly they have handled the covid crisis, brexit, even the vaccine roll out.

So don’t worry about it, just pop on a plane and celebrate here.

Any other problems that people need solving? Our Government can solve them for you

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10 Responses to You have a problem, I have the solution

  1. Ha ha ha! Love your sarcasm. I gave up hope months ago for an extended family Christmas. Saturday Night Live has a funny skit you can watch on YouTube, where adult kids are informing their moms that they are not coming home for Christmas. Very funny.

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  2. says:

    Hahaha…have you been in the catnip? When I was growing up I had a miss guided idea the gov’t was always right, that it took care of the people. That idea went to hell in a hand bag right after I started reading newspapers and watching TV back in the mid 50’s early 60’s. Now I see they are taking us to hell in that same handbag without a shred of guilt for doing so.

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  3. says:

    I can see why…I saw a clip of Boris talking about Brexit today.

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  4. V says:

    It’s so nice that COVID is going to leave everyone alone during Christmas.
    I wonder if we asked it nicely, if it would do the same here…

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  5. Carol anne says:

    Lol our government is just as bad! Covid is taking 2 weeks off around Christmas time over here as well! We can travel anywhere in Ireland from the 18th, and celebrate.

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