My internet is still fucking around. I did manage to keep it for a whole half an hour, while I did my grocery shop. I was lucky enough to get a delivery slot, which is a massive relief, I had images of myself and my partner having to go to Tesco’s 3 or 4 times on Thursday, trying to get everything we needed.

I had a lovely surprise and saw my mum on Sunday for a socially distant visit. Its the first time I have seen her since June, I think. It was a quick visit, but it was nice.

I am also seeing my dad tuesday morning for the same, mainly to get Monkey’s Christmas presents.

It also appears that last year I finished off all the wrapping paper, so tomorrow I am sending my partner out to get paper that Santa will wrap all the presents with.

I have picked up a sickness bug from somewhere as well, which is lovely and just what we all wanted just before Christmas. Hopefully it will be gone for Christmas day and no one else will get it

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4 Responses to Grrrrrrrrrrr

  1. says:

    Holy shit! You didn’t get “The” bug did you? Please be careful lady. Really glad you got to see your mom and dad soon.

    Who runs your internet, Boris? BTW: we have a new potus, officially. Swearing in Jan 20th at noon. I hope our European and UK friends feel a little relief.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Ug nooo! So sorry you got a bug! Horrible! I’ glad you were able to get a delivery slot though.

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