Covid isn’t taking Christmas off???

Its looking like the government might be changing its mind that Covid is going to be taking 5 days off at Christmas.

Isn’t that weird? I was sure Covid had thought, you know what I need a break, this year has been busy, lets take Christmas off.

I can only assume we are going to find out from leaks on twitter round about Sunday. Then an announcement on either Monday or Tuesday.

The only good thing is that this might be the final nail in the coffin for Johnson. He is unable to get a deal with regards to Brexit. No matter how many times he parrots we are going to have to get ready for an “Australian type deal” Many people have realised this means we are not getting a deal, no matter the spin they have put on it. Despite the many many many promises that we have an oven ready deal.

We have the second worst death rate in Europe, after Italy has taken over and I know that if you look at the whole death per million, we actually drop to 9th, but I feel the main difference is I live on a fucking island, compared to the rest of Europe.

Johnson and his government do U turn after U turn, in many ways they are like the word nun, just going round and round.

I can only hope in the New Year, someone has some fucking sense and put in a vote of no confidence and gets him out.

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2 Responses to Covid isn’t taking Christmas off???

  1. Carol anne says:

    Yes! He needs to go! He’s awful! Here’s hoping he will go in the new year!

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