Can’t get the inspiration

I am struggling at the moment to come up with anything to write about, I could talk about what the UK Government is up to, but since they don’t know its a struggle.

My sleep is now heading into just weird terrority, and so that is just weird. I am sleeping, 2 hours chunks at a time. I actually slept more when Monkey was a baby.

Wake up, wait for an hour or so and then back to sleep for a couple more hours. I was very excited when I got a 4 hour block the other night.

But, I am sleeping at night, which is a positive, alright its not all night, but its better than sleeping during the day and cat napping at times.

I think that is my lack of inspiration, I am fairly tired. However on top of all of this I have finished my Christmas shopping, bar one present. Which is easy to sort.

We just need to do the shop for Christmas dinner, that involves heading out to the actual shops, bits are coming tonight in my shop, but due to the basket limit the supermarket has, I needed to make sure we got all the basics for the coming month as well. I mean, the cats are not going to be impressed if I decided to get oranges to shove into a duck rather than their food.

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12 Responses to Can’t get the inspiration

  1. I’ve got to buy the lingonberries. Thanks for saying that.

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  2. V says:

    The cats get duck for Christmas?

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Lol! Oranges to shove into a duck? Wow! Orange duck, mmmm! So does that mean your having duck for Christmas? Can you believe I’ve never eaten duck? xo

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