Lets go for it

We are going back to the lego, I initially wanted it finished before Christmas, if not all built, at least organised, but the last few weeks with my sleep, I just couldn’t do it.

However, yesterday I found some of the motivation I have been looking for, so I started it again. I am going to crack on with it again today and you never know, maybe the new year, so we can start the new year with hopefully my partner back in work, the lego out my lounge and ordering the bits we need and then go back to start saving for furniture.

Yes the lego is more important than the furniture, we also have a few extra bills to pay, that I have put off since my partner has been out of work. So I need to come to some arrangement with those.

However, we might be homeschooling come January and my PIP assessment maybe denied. So that will be another £300 a month down, but hey its just money.

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3 Responses to Lets go for it

  1. Carol anne says:

    I hope your pip wont be denied! Great you found some motivation to sort out the lego! Hurray!

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