Operation not leaving the house

I find that when Monkey is at home for the holidays for the first day, my anxiety gets higher, its not saying I don’t love him being home, but my routine gets distrupted and with the year it has been, having my routine has been important to try and keep me on an even keel.

So for the first hour this morning, I did the sensible parenting thing and let him play minecraft, while I did the cleaning and the paperwork, that way it was all out the way and I can spend the rest of the day concentrating just on him or on lego, whichever one he wants to.

Also I am not leaving the house as I know that can make me worse, working with me is the weather, it is dark, miserable and raining.

Our only problem is, I need to leave the house tomorrow to do a few chores that my partner can’t do for me, but we are going to treat it as a family day out.

Yep, in this time of Covid a family day out is going to the bank and then moving onto the post office.

I have had to send my partner out though, his Christmas present is due to arrive today and I am hoping it is going to turn up and I can get it wrapped before he gets home.

Fingers crossed for me

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9 Responses to Operation not leaving the house

  1. Fingers crossed! (I’m still waiting for a notification of when my husbands present will arrive, and I ordered it three weeks ago)

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  2. Carol anne says:

    well, did it turn up and did you get it wrapped? Hope so?

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