Who Woulda Thunk It

Over the weekend someone sat our PM down and explained to him, that cases are rising especially in the south east and Covid is probably having to much fun to take time off for five days over Christmas.

With less than a week to go on Saturday at 4.15pm he cancelled Christmas celebrations for everyone in London and a shit ton of people including me, in the South East, new rules came into place on Sunday.

This meant that Saturday night, those who were celebrating with family outside of London, did a runner to their family in not so restrictive tiers.

Now, I am not saying I saw this coming and I told everyone so, but I did.

I have been banging on about this for a good few weeks. Albiet in a very sarcastic tone. What has happened is that we have gone from everyone can celebrate for 5 days with 2 other households to Tier 4’s cannot go near another household and everyone else can still see their 2 other households but only on Christmas day.

I completely understand that the government did not invent this virus and spread it round, in March I was generally sympathetic that they were dealing with the unknown. That sympathy has been spent and it has been a catalogue of disasters every since, from not locking down airports and allowing half term skiing trips to Italy and then not making people isolate because those skiing were not in infected areas. To locking down too late, allowing sick people back into care homes, to not setting up a track and trace system, to the eat out to help out and allowing people to still go on holiday during the summer, the sending university students to university meaning a large amount of people moved around the country, to continuing to keep schools open, to allowing people to think Christmas was still going to go ahead and those are just the ones I came up with from the top of my head

Even on Wednesday our PM claimed that it would be inhuman to cancel the celebrations and they would never do that. Those who celebrated Eid, just sat and waited going he did it to us with less than a day to go.

There is dealing with the unknown to not having learnt anything in 9 fucking months.

Then added to injury, the guy in charge of the country’s budget did a lovely article saying those who had saved money during this pandemic need to go on a massive spending spree to help save the economy.

You know how much this guy is worth £200,000,000. You know what would really help, is if they closed the tax loopholes, maybe get Amazon to pay a bit of tax, given that the guy who owns it has seen his wealth increase over the last 9 months.

Or you know, maybe the ex pub landlord from the Health Secretary’s fav pub who got the contract to supply vials, despite his company having never done it. Who knows how he manged to get that. Could spend some of the money he got from that contract on helping the economy.

Maybe not make it middle class peoples problem and the rich get their moth eaten wallets out and help the economy rather than keep screwing us.

Have I ever mentioned how angry I am with this government?

I wrote this before the news came out that Europe was closing off its borders to us, alot of people will know I have often joked about Europe throwing a wall up round us because our Covid stats are so bad. Well they have done just that, at least this is where we can start getting use to how a No Deal brexit is going to look like.

And before anyone starts complaining about Europe doing this as a political move, they could well be doing that but when your health secretary says on TV the virus is out of control and your PM restricts travel between areas in England. If I was a country near that place, I wouldn’t want anything coming out of it, especially when that country is an island and fairly easy to restrict.

And how our government reacts? They hold a meeting after the fact, for some reason they didn’t think their words and actions would be noticed. Not even on the day the news is announced, they wait for the next working fucking day

I thought I was angry with the government before the news and couldn’t get any angrier, nop it is possible to get angrier

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8 Responses to Who Woulda Thunk It

  1. It’s like the UK and US are in a secret competition to see who has the worst government response to this. Stay healthy and safe!

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  2. Cyranny says:

    Breathe in, breathe out… Your watch is going to catch on fire! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Carol anne says:

    The UK really has it bad! I am feeling sorry for you all! The government is a shit show! 😀

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