*Reblog* Blogmas Day 11

In this time of unemployement, this is really important, there is no MLM where you can get rich, of course you will always hear of XYZ who earns thousands, most of those are faking it till they make it, which is when they stop doing it. Please check through any of these offers


Someone that I know joined an MLM in 2020. Actually, they joined two. First they started off with one of the token MLMs that gets talked about widely, and often, and is well known world-wide. They sunk several thousand dollars into that MLM before they decided that it just wasn’t for them. So then, with a stockpile of these useless goods taking up space in their home, this person decided to join (what I’ve discovered) a new-breed MLM.

This person is miserable. They were already someone whom I would consider to be a vulnerable member of society prior to joining these MLMs, but now… they’re vulnerable and more than $10,000 in debt from just this year alone.

They started changing earlier this year. I remember thinking ‘Oh, that was weird’ when witnessing their behaviour. But, it was two months into their first MLM experience before I realized what was going…

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  1. Carol anne says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the reblog!

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