*Reblog* Six Hundred Followers!

Go and celebrate with Rebecca at this great milestone

Fake Flamenco

Very happy to report a new milestone; 600 followers! Thanks to all of you for making it a good year on Fake Flamenco. You teach me, you make me laugh, you enrich my life. I appreciate the encouragement of your likes, comments and follows!

True confessions; blogging scared me two years and nine months ago when I began Fake Flamenco. As my first blog ever, I had no idea what I was doing. Days when the block editor gets the better of me, I still feel that way! However, my ideas form more readily now whether I type or hand write my post first. I feel more confident when I write. After I’ve polished the paragraphs, I know when I’m ready to hit Publish. Now my words and my website better communicate what I want to convey.

I’d say that for people who love to write, blogging is a dream…

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3 Responses to *Reblog* Six Hundred Followers!

  1. Carol anne says:

    wooohooo! yay! Congrats! 😀

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  2. Thank you Trina and Carol Anne for your fabulous support!

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