Stop comparing

There are certain things that are driving me nuts on social media at the moment.

  1. Comparing the pandemic to any world war, its not anywhere near as similar, I am fairly sure loads of people whinged about what was going on. They just didn’t have social media to amplify it.

2. Not blaming the government and blaming the public instead. Yes, there are some irresponsible aresholes, every country has them. But our media has done a hatchett job on blaming everyone other than the government, who as I explained in a previous post is very much to blame

3. Comparing us to islands such as New Zealand, its very different things like population, size of country etc.

4. Probably the most important one, not being able to say this sucks, without someone jumping on you telling you people have it worse, of course people bloody do, but that doesn’t stop you feeling like crap because you can’t do xyz.

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14 Responses to Stop comparing

  1. Imagine being in Dachau!

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  2. I haven’t hugged my eldest son since the end of July. It’s sad, but we can cope. The people whining on FB get me down and make me feel weird, so I’m not using it anymore

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Yeah, I hear ya! I really do and I totally agree with your points here!

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