I feel like this got skipped over

In the press briefing on Monday, our PM and transport secretary made the point that the current distruptions are only 20% of the frieght that we have coming in.

I think this was meant to reassure us, however what hit a few people was that if what is happening in only 20%, that means on the 1st January, its going to get 80% worse.

Because that will be everything we import in and that doesn’t even take into account the fact that the UK might still be under strict quarrentine from the world.

I had someone tell me, its ok I can grow turnips. I took a photo of my carpet and pointed out I live in a second floor flat and like a lot of fucking people don’t have an outdoor area, so exactly where on my carpet should I start planting.

But its worrying and not even my cheerful disposition can think of a good thing about this and the worst of this, is its going to be the plebs that are going to suffer not the rich and powerful.

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2 Responses to I feel like this got skipped over

  1. Carol anne says:

    exactly! You’ll all be suffering! Not the politicians! Bastards!

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