Will they won’t they

As we come out of Christmas and head into New Year, I think its time to take a moment to look at the UK government. What we have had so far is

Go mad, Covid is not going to get you over Christmas, celebrate it with 2 other families (no matter how big) indoors over 5 days.

Followed by

These areas, can no longer celebrate with anyone other than their own household but everyone else can still go nuts with their other 2 households but only on Christmas day

Quickly followed by (on the 23rd December)

Right, so try and tone it down slightly because all of these areas are going into tier 4 on Boxing day (tier 4 is lockdown)

In each of these the government was very clear that schools would reopen in January.

Only now we are waiting to the 30th when these tiers get reviewed and now I have the problem that Government ministers are saying on TV that schools will go back but staggered starts. The problem? The newspapers are reported sources high up in Westminster are going to close schools. But I hear you say Trina why is this a problem?

Well because for the last 9 months, news gets leaked on twitter via newspapers to what the goverment is actually doing, so when ministers say one thing but sources high up in Westminister say another and the leaks are normally accurate and our politicians lie, its difficult to know what to do.

Especially as keeping the schools open is the hill the government has decided to die on, no matter the numbers saying it spreads like wildfire through schools, they have kept them open. It makes no sense to anyone with half a brain as to why we couldn’t celebrate Christmas with our families, but we can send our child into a school to mix with a minimum of 30 pupiles (in monkey’s case it is about 300)

So now we wait to see if they will close the schools and more importantly how much fucking notice they give.

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13 Responses to Will they won’t they

  1. The kiddies will probably arrive at the school to find out that it’ll all be remote learning.

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  2. And here I am hearing that they are looking at going to remote learning for the rest of the year. We have had little to no transmissions in our schools but I have insider knowledge lol I really hope that they might go back somewhat as they were before. Every other day worked just fine and T was doing well. Now at home I am not sure because I cannot check his work before it is handed in. Have a great day. 🙂

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  3. This post made me laugh out loud. You’ve got the total bollocks insanity of all this in a nutshell. Hubby laughed too — which is rare these days.

    Although, of course,we shouldn’t be laughing at all……..

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  4. Isn’t it sad that governments think they can’t just come out and tell us the truth?To hear someone from government, any government say “You know what, this whole Covid thing is unpresented in world history and we really don’t know or understand it.” Wouldn’t that be refreshing!

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  5. Carol anne says:

    They are nuts. so are our government! At least our schools are currently closed, although they are talking about reopening them next week! The teachers are kicking up a fuss though so they may not!

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