I have never been a fan of the bit between Christmas and Boxing day, but this year because we can’t do anything it is much worse.

We are counting down the days till New Year and then for us as a family things should start happening, my partner should start his new job, Monkey goes back to school and things should start going back to normal for us.

Of course all of these has the prospect of fucking up with Covid, my partner’s start date might be delayed, the schools might close and of course the big thing for us at the moment is PIP, which I haven’t heard anything about and the 14th is the day its due to end, I am just hoping new has been delayed by the post, but who knows, in the meantime we just keep counting down.

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6 Responses to Urrrrg

  1. A lot on your plate, Trina. Glad to hear about the new job for your partner. Fingers crossed that people’s holiday traveling hasn’t flared up the Covid numbers again, messing with school and aforementioned employment.

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  2. Yes, this week is always a bit pants and this year it’s so much worse! Got my fingers crossed for you…..

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  3. Carol anne says:

    I hope your pip isn’t gone! I hope you hear something soon!

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