I just got so annoyed I tweeted about it

I don’t really use twitter for personal stuff. Mainly because my account is wide open and because people just want an argument on there.

However, having watched the briefing this afternoon from our illustrious leader. Which left me with my mouth dropping over a fair few times.

With a straight face Johnson, told the whole country, that it was safe in schools, infact safer in schools that hugging my mum. Yep children in Primary schools don’t get covid, I hope I am washing Monkey’s uniform in the right stuff not to get rid of the magical properties it has.

We can’t celebrate New Year with anyone but 5 days later, Monkey can go mix with 300 other fucking bubbles.

I woul normally ask what planet the government is on, but I am come to the conclusion they are not even in the same fucking solar system.

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6 Responses to I just got so annoyed I tweeted about it

  1. Carol anne says:

    Our gov said the same thing, schools are safe places, whatever! They are not! Our government are all crappy the whole lot of them are liars!

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  2. This teacher is speechless. Good thing I took the year off as the US has been saying that ish since August 😦 *sigh* Hope Monkey and your family stay healthy and safe!

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  3. All schools need to close to protect the NHS —BJ will do it eventually, when it’s far too late.

    I’m so angry…

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