Anxiety Peaked

Today is an inset day for Moneky and then from tomorrow, he is back at school (at the time of writing this)

While I know, Covid is spreading at a rapid rate, that is not the cause of my anxiety, its having to leave the flat, so far during the Christmas holiday’s I have not had to leave the flat to do anything, my partner has done all the outside work, whether that is to pop to the shops, take monkey for a walk, while I have done all the outside work.

However, since we are fairly sure he is starting work either tomorrow or Tuesday, and we have no idea of ths shifts he might be on, I am preparing myself that I may have to do the school runs again.

Of course depending on what shifts he is on, will depend on whether I actually will do it, but it is best to be prepared and there is always the fairness part, if he is doing something like 9.30-2, he can take Monkey in and then will get home, it would be unfair for me to make him go collect him again.

Also it is good for to get out and about again and start up getting around. This time last year I was catching a bus to go shopping for food in a different town. Now my brain has restricted me to going down to the bins.

I have beaten this before, so I shall do it again. It just going to be harder with the government saying I have to stay local.

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8 Responses to Anxiety Peaked

  1. I hope 1. They come to their senses and do remote learning until the numbers go back down because yikes. 2. If they don’t (and I mean…I don’t think this government is capable of coming to their senses), I hope your husband can take the kid to school for you until Anxiety Monster fecks off. Lots of good vibes being sent to you right now.

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  2. says:

    With the ignorance of both our gov’ts, it is damn hard to develop a plan to get back to “normal”. I’ve already said screw the Gov’t bull shit and make my own plans and how safe I chose to be. I don’t take dumb risk.

    I know things are crazy, but you are stronger than you think. You know how to be safe; you can make this work. God bless.

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    • We have been trying to make our own plans, but they keep changing the rules every few days.

      They are doing an announcement at 8pm our time, where we will probably get put under lockdown, but whether this means the schools are still going to be open is unsure. But, then since it is all leaked on twitter first I will probably know all the details by 7pm


  3. Carol anne says:

    The gov should shut the schools! Jesus, over 37 thousand dead in the UK! What are they thinking? that’s politicians though, fuckers!

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