I wonder if Johnson feels dizzy at all

Cause with the U turns he does, he might as well be spinning around.

On Sunday, he announced schools were a safe place to be

On Monday evening, after hundreds of schools had opened, he announced a new lockdown for England, Scotland had already announced theirs earlier in the day, you know what most of Scotland didn’t do? Send their children into school on Monday.

6 weeks of homeschooling, both myself and Monkey are thrilled, lets hope they don’t do fractions this time round.

I have no idea whether my partner is now going to start his new job, so now we have to wait to see if that happens.

He was due to come off JSA today, but I told him to wait till we had heard this announcement. Glad I didn, hopefully, they will let him know tomorrow and he can start job hunting again if need be.

Just one thing, I tried to keep this post as free from swearing as possible, because I wanted people everywhere (but I was particularly thinking of the UK) if you are not coping mentally, physically or anything else, reach out to someone, you are welcome to email me. There is help out there, I can try and sign post you to and please check up on your friends, that one kind gesture of an email asking if you are ok, can be the thing that brighten ups a day

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17 Responses to I wonder if Johnson feels dizzy at all

  1. We’ll see if our Wednesday politics are any distraction from your own. That’s when Mr. Cruz and co try to make an end run to the goal of second term Prez D. Sorry for the very personal suffering Herr Boris is inflicting.

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  2. ….and we have a parcel from Europe stuck in customs with a charge of £10, because of Brexit…..

    Life is just so good under the Tory scum

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Aww nooo! Lockdown is tough! Homeschooling even tougher! Hope your up for it 😀

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