Trina Inquires 12/1/21

What word in the English language would you get rid of?

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17 Responses to Trina Inquires 12/1/21

  1. says:


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  2. Cyranny says:

    Hokey wins this one! Hand him the trophy right away πŸ˜›

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  3. There are several words used to describe women that it would be great not to hear again. But, Larry has a point.

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  4. Joshua Shea says:

    β€œthe” Imagine how goofy everything would sound.

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  5. Larry says:

    Ya, that gets confusing. I’m always forgetting the right article in my German. They have three, die (female), das (neutral), and der (male). And all proper nouns are capitalized. Like “the pencil” is “der Bleischtiff”, the dog is das Hund, and so on. Gets crazy and makes me think too much.

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  6. Carol anne says:

    covid! Definitely!

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