Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to the doctors we go

I am going to have to admit it, I am depressed, I am so low at the moment, that its difficult to pull myself up to do things.

I spent Tuesday in bed. I keep being reminded that my situation has not really changed, but it has.

I love Monkey, but he at home all the time, and while I don’t complain about homeschooling to him, I really hate it and have to grit my teeth to do it. I am very lucky that my partner knows how much I hate it and when he is here, he tends to do it, but it means I lose my laptop because its the only thing we have that can run the programme on.

Which brings me to my partner, I love him, but he is at home most of the time, I need my space and to be alone and in my flat you are never more than 2 foot away from someone even in another room.

Financially we are fucked, we lost my partners income back in October and we were just treding water, now with the lose of PIP, we can’t afford basic bills. We do get our rent paid, so that is a relief but basic things like water, council tax, we are generally fucked.

The only silver lining in this whole thing, is the fact that because I can’t go out, my anxiety has gone. It really has got something, when my main thing is I am depressed but its ok because I have no anxiety.

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4 Responses to Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to the doctors we go

  1. Crap, I knew PIP was up for renewal. Now it’s gone!? Have you asked for your refund on 2021 yet afrtercthe free 14 day trial? xo R

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Hugs, that’s so tough, really feeling for you hun, I hope you’ll be ok. Xx

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