Today I am going to be…..

Sorting a lot of shit out and writing a shit ton of emails.

For me personally I know my mental health is always worse when I am bouncing between depression and manic. One or the other I can cope with, but both also means I am irritable and that is not good with an 8 year old little boy at home all the time.

While I have the energy, I am writing to as many MPs as I can think of about my disability benefit and try to highlight the massive problem with it.

I also need to go through all my paperwork, ring comapnies and explain the chance of them being paid in the next year or so is remote so come to some sort of agreement.

I am also going to try and find a complaint proceduree for DWP and start that off.

Lets see how we go, of course in between this I am going to be trying to homeschool and try not to swear at it.

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4 Responses to Today I am going to be…..

  1. MPs wont read your letter unless you are a constituent of theirs…..

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