I am celebrating

It was a weird weekend, if you thought we were lego obsessed before, you should have seen us this weekend, with the end in sight now and the possibility of getting my lounge back and free from lego. We worked on it most of the weekend.

This is obviously a reason to celebrate, but the main other reason is that on Sunday myself and Monkey went to the shops, by ourselves.

Its the first time I think I have been out since Christmas during the day, and certainly the first time I have seen other humans apart the postman and my family.

It was nerve wracking and as normal when I try and do something it went tits up, but I managed to sort it. We got what we needed and I have sworn never to leave my flat again.

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4 Responses to I am celebrating

  1. Carol anne says:

    You have to leave the flat, otherwise what will you celebrate? 😛

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