You know things are bad

When this is your entertaintment.

These two might look cute, but this is actually a war going on for sole position of the chair. The one who gets off first loses, but they are both cats and they are both arseholes

Nearly 2 hours later, one turned around.

This continued till dinner time, when both of them left the chair. Round 2 tomorrow

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6 Responses to You know things are bad

  1. LOL I love it. Our Thomas now has a blanket and small space on the kitchen counter as Loki has not figured out how to jump up that high. I am thinking that Loki has some fear of heights. To get onto the sink in the bathroom he jumps on side of tub walks across the toilet to get up there. Lucky is just Queen and the boys know to get out of her way. Have a great day. 🙂

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  2. Cyranny says:

    Freja spent 9 hours straight, sleeping under our bedcover yesterday. And she might still be there if I hadn’t gotten her out around supper time, because I was starting to worry about her!

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