What happened at the vote

I thought I would update after my post the other day about the government voting on keeping the extra £20 a week for benefit claiments.

I also failed to mention in this, that these benefits are not just for the unemployed, but also for those on low incomes, some of which have probably had to give up their jobs to stay at home with their children.

If they did so and had to quit, they are not entitled to unemployement, so not only are they now stuck at home with their kids, having lost their job because you can’t leave small children on their own, they also have had a massive loss in income.

So what did the Tories do on the vote to keep the £20 a week?

Out of the 317 seats 6 voted in favour, the rest of them just didn’t bother voting. I wish I was joking.

So the vote passed but it doesn’t mean the £20 stays, it just means that the opposition won a vote, but they can’t force the government to do anything.

No I don’t get the point either.

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2 Responses to What happened at the vote

  1. Carol anne says:

    sheesh! That’s terrible! I have been following it on the news!

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