It comes in waves

My sleep is still fairly buggered, but it is so weird at the moment, I get times when I get a massive wave of being tired but then can’t sleep, I am struggling to get to sleep before 5am at the moment.

Then I get up at 9am by 3pm I am ready to drop but once have done all the school work I am wide awake again.

Then througout the evening I just get these waves and then they go away, like the tide going out and I am once again wide awake.

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6 Responses to It comes in waves

  1. says:

    Hi, Trina. It’s 12:51 am here and I’m still awake too. Sorry you are having such a horrid time getting normal sleep. Last night I started reading a book about 10:30 pm and didn’t quit until I finished it at 4:00 am! Don’t know what possessed me to do that other than it was a good book. I hope you can get back to something close to normal soon. Prayers to you.

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  2. Carol anne says:

    Can relate! I am tired a lot too lately but unable to sleep even with meds on bord. Its awful!

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  3. Sheila Moss says:

    I have my days and nights mixed up. I go to sleep at 5 and sleep till noon. I have nothing to get up for so I can do that, but not getting enough sleep is miserable.

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