Need to get out of this mood

For the last week or so, I have had been feeling angry, it is bubbling underneath everything, but its there. Monday I woke up in a foul mood, after such a nice weekend, having to deal with homeschooling is not a fun thing, plus they keep changing when this damn zoom meeting thing happens.

Because we only have the one laptop, we have to share, so I try and get what I can done, while Monkey is on break and when he has finished. When he is using it I clean and get on with lego (yes it is still going on)

But I am angry, mainly with my government, once again it is being leaked that schools won’t go back till Easter, they don’t even have the balls to tell the British public, they just leak it to their mates in the press to see how well it is going to down.

This means that Monkey (and every other child) will have missed nearly a year of schooling.

It also means, that Monkey will probably miss yet another birthday party. I haven’t even booked one this year, as I am not sure what is going on and I am nearly 100% sure that even if he is allowed back, people won’t be comfortable with going to birthdays.

And I honestly feel this is because of how incompetent the government is, yeah of course you are going to get idiots trying to break the rules, but right now the majority of people are doing what they are told, even on Sunday with snow, people were still social distancing, some were wearing masks outside (although that could be because it was cold)

Meanwhile, the government keep blustering, keep putting stupid ideas out there (£500 for every person who tested positive, damn right I would go out and catch it for that) to try and make it look like they are doing something.

They are now looking at closing our boarders. That is very much shutting the stable door, not only after the horse has bolted, but when the horse has bolted, run from one end of the country to the other and then come back again.

People can’t keep doing these lockdowns, those who are working from home with kids are trying to homeschool at the same time and its just not possible. People who live on their own are becoming more and more isolated rarely seeing anyone.

I have heard how some countries in Europe are starting to protest and riot, its unlikely to happen in the UK, because we only do that during the summer, but I do wonder whether further restrictions will do it, lets see what bullshit the government comes out with this week.

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2 Responses to Need to get out of this mood

  1. Carol anne says:

    we got another six weeks of lockdown slapped on us yesterday, we’re now in lockdown until march 5th at least, but probably it will be longer than that!
    this sucks so much!
    I am going stir crazy! I am a social person and I hate being stuck at home!

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