Trina Inquires 26/1/21

Do you think writing with a pen will become a dying art?

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16 Responses to Trina Inquires 26/1/21

  1. Sheree says:

    Is it not already?

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  2. I love paper to pen but it’s not convenient to the standards of today. I do think it will become for hobbyists

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  3. says:

    I’m not so sure any more? At one time I would have said yes, but I’ve seen a lot of ads for new style, true ink pens that make me think people might start using them again. Maybe only the high brows or business people, but I don’t think it will die just yet. Bic has a corner on market with all of their cheapies, but more professional people might still like the old style.

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  4. Marts says:

    regardless of how technological things get, I think writing will survive for quite a while…

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  5. Carol anne says:

    I do! I think its gone that way already! Xx

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  6. Joshua Shea says:

    Depends on the kind of writing.

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