But why do I need to?

Monkey’s school have sent me instructions on how to do parents evening for this term.

Now, while I may be slightly nuts, I am fairly sure I am the main one who has been homeschooling the boy.

The most interaction he has had with his teacher is 3 zoom meets, which had the whole class and one live lesson, again involving the whole class.

His handwriting his terrible, his maths is not great, especially multiplication, but he has cottoned onto division with no problem.

Science he is fantastic, English he has picked up despite my bad spelling and grammar. French he has not had a lesson in. Politics he is advanced level in.

So I am unsure what they can tell me that I am now unaware of, as I have had to sit in on all his lesson.s

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10 Responses to But why do I need to?

  1. Good point. Maybe they want you to report to them. ; )

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  2. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Sounds like some has a “ticky-mark” on their to-do list they have to check off or they will get their butts in a sling from their boss(es). Or…they’re simply not paying attention to what you have been doing. Sounds like something Boris came up with? 😁

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  3. Carol anne says:

    seems rather pointless to me! ❤ good luck for it anyhow!

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