Lego City Grab Bags Part 1

I have finally finished the sets of lego, now I only have the grab bags left, these are really cheap but really small sets, my main problem with it, is you don’t have what peices you are going to use, you just have to go by the instructions, so based on this I made the decision to just use what we had, so far its going well

just to give you an idea, that is it

Fire Truck


Despite them being really small, I am still having to search for the 15 or so peices, so its taken a bit of time, but once this is done, then I believe I am done. I really wanted to be finished last Saturday, but both Monkey and myself get distracted with his schooling and then back to the lego, so both are taking a while.

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2 Responses to Lego City Grab Bags Part 1

  1. Carol anne says:

    glad your almost finished! ❤ you'll be so happy when you are finally all done!

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