Ahhhh shit

Johnson today announced that schools wouldn’t be going back till March.

That is about another 3 weeks then they originally said, for those not in the UK (I am not sure if they applies to just England or the UK)

But this is how it started last year. Lockdown in April, for half a term, went back in September.

Yet people are still willing to vote for these clowns.

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5 Responses to Ahhhh shit

  1. We have alternate days here. During my week T only goes to school Tues and Thurs. The other three days he is at home and suppose to be doing his work. Kids K-6 are still in school every day with option for remote learning should parents opt for that. Sounds rough. It is hard on these kids T is so excited that this weekend his bff is ungrounded and they can see one another on Monday. LOL It has been two months since they have been able to get together. Hugs to you and Monkey. 🙂

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  2. Carol anne says:

    schools here in Ireland are not going back until some time in march as well! Could even be april yet we aren’t sure, the government keeps changing their plan!

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