He can take his letter and shove it and so can she

I am going to start this by saying, I have it easier than some parents, I am not trying to juggle working with homeschooling and also as much as I complain about Monkey, he is a very easy child and cracking on with home learning. We take a day here and there to process what is going on. But overall, he is very like me, a day to wallow and then figure out how we can deal with it.

BUT I was angry it started on Friday with the Dutchess of Cornwell, (Prince William’s wife) saying how touch she was finding homeschooling. I get there is meant to be an element of how it is tough for all of us, but the majority of people don’t have a fucking nanny, butler, cook and god knows what else. Also she has her husband at home with her, lets face it probably not doing much in the way of work. I am not sure what a Prince actually does, but I can imagine its probably not that taxing at the moment. To be honest, it really jarred with me. Its not the fucking same, she is on a fucking yacht in this storm, while the rest of us are crowded on a rowboat that is sinking.

Then to rub salt into the wound, Boris Johnson writes a letter saying he gets how hard it is for parents and how brilliant they are doing. I agree with the second but not the first, when a guy, whose own child has to take him to court to get him to acknowledge her lets me know he gets it, it doesn’t go down right. Its like Rosemary and Fred West giving parenting tips.

I get that the higher ups are trying to give us plebs some hope, but to be honest at this stage its like boasting how difficult they have it but yet they are coping.

Families all over the country have been in lockdown for a minimum of 4 weeks, for some over the year they have had more time in lockdown than out. We are starting to see the rise of mental health problems in children and adults and are systems are not designed to cope with the mental health pandemic that is going to hit us.

So to both of them fuck your letters and articles. No, you don’t know what its like, when I get myself a butler, then you can let me know.

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4 Responses to He can take his letter and shove it and so can she

  1. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    It would be nice if people in their positions would listen to themselves before spouting off about how hard it is to parent. Or at least realize they have no basis for making such statements. It would be like me telling a submariner how difficult it is being cooped up on a sub when I’ve never been on one.

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  2. Now I understand! 🙂

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