To feel uncomfortable?

Myself and Monkey sit down every Saturday and watch The Masked Singer, we are shit at guessing who they are, but we enjoy trying.

For those that don’t know, The Masked Singer, is what it says on the tin. Its various celebrities dressed up in various costumes and they give you clues as to who they might be and you try and guess who they are.

However recently I have noticed that I am getting advertsing for a gambling site, the problem being that the characters from The Masked Singer are advertising it, normally I just ignore them, but it occured to me that this is, while not stepping over a line but getting pretty close.

For an example last year, one of the celebrities a comedian called Jason Manford dressed up as Hedgehog

image stolen from the internet

The show is on primetime TV, early enough for kids to watch it, so is it suitable for the whole family but recently, I have been getting adverts for a gambling site, no idea which one as I am not interested in it, but it did get me thinking, Where is the line drawn for advertising adult or addictive things using characters that children see.

You would never advertise a beer using Bob the builder for example, so id it different because its a person dressed up?

I am not sure, but it makes me vaguly uncomfortable, I am not sure if that is the right reaction.

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8 Responses to To feel uncomfortable?

  1. Targeted ads are creepy. But I agree prime time when kids watch is not gambling ad time!

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