I will take what I can get

As the UK remains in lockdown, we find our excitment where we can get it, a few weeks ago a massive lorry came down the road and we sat and watched it turn around, then a police officer turned up at a nighbours door. No idea what they wanted, but that was fun.

One neigbour mowed his lawn. this was about week 4 into this year’s lockdown.

However yesterday was probably the most exciting. I will remind you, that I live in a second floor flat, with a heavy door to get into the communal stairs, to get up to my flat.

I hear a miaow, not unusual as I live with 2 arsehole cats, the problem is this sound is coming from outside my front door. I can’t find either of the arsehole cats, so just on the off hand one of them has learnt to open the front door, I check. A black and white cat is sitting outside my door, it does not belong to me and seemed to want to come say hello to Monkey.

S/he didn’t stay long, looked well cared for, so I presume was just stopping into to touch base, wonder if they will visit again.

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4 Responses to I will take what I can get

  1. Those are such droll ordinary things. It goes to show how much excitement can be gotten from such simple circumstances when nothing much is readily available

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  2. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    I guess we should be grateful animals don’t have to social distance. Your visitor remunds me of a cat in Washington state when I wotked at Boeing. I came home one night and this big orange cat was sitting in the walkway to my apartment. I expected it to run off as I got closer, but instead it flopped over on it’s back and let me scratch its tummy. We played that game a couple days and then he disappeared.

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