*Press This* How Latin Became Modern Italian #171

This is so interesting


Thanks to Chris

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9 Responses to *Press This* How Latin Became Modern Italian #171

  1. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    This is so cool. Very interesting how a language develops. If you read American literature from the late 19th and early 20th until now you can see this happening. Then there is the difference in US/UK English.

    Love to learn…thanks for the lesson.

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  2. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    What was it Patton said…”We are allies separated by a common language.” We’ll try to be nicer to the letter U. 😁

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  3. lhoke2016@yahoo.com says:

    Hahaha…one step at a time. 😂

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  4. I love me a nice language history lesson! Many thanks for sharing 🙂

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  5. Carol anne says:

    Yeah, super fascinating! ❤

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