I wonder if this is happening up and down the country

I got an email from Monkey’s school today, his teacher has quit and will not be returning after half term.

I am not sure how planned this is, but I am gutted, she is a really great teacher but I can imagine the stress of this year, the lack of appreciation from some parents and the government is not enough to keep doing all the hours she probably has been doing and I can only image this is happening in schools all over the country, that or we have teachers going off sick with stress and anxiety.

I wish her all the best, but I do wish she wasn’t leaving.

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7 Responses to I wonder if this is happening up and down the country

  1. Darlene says:

    Sad to hear, but I´m sure it has been very stressful for teachers.

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    • I have no doubt that it has been, its purely selfish reasons I don’t want her to leave, I didn’t realise her family were quite far away and she wants to move to be closer to them, She is a wonderful teacher and I will write an email to the headteacher to go on her record

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  3. Carol anne says:

    ah nooo! I am sorry she’s leaving! A sad situation for monkey to be in now!

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