Shit he gave us a date

For those who are new here, or maybe you didn’t notice, I am not a fan of Boris Johnson. I think he is a lying sneaky bastard, who only cares about himself and would happily sell off his own mother for power.

I get very very nervous when he gives a date for things covid releated mainly because he gives a date and I have to add 6 months on what is going to happen.

Today, he gave England a road map for opening up, this included dates for when things were going to happen, firstly I knew about 16 hours before, no I didn’t predict it this time, I looked on twitter when it was leaked, as with most important things.

The basic of it, is that schools are going to open to all pupils on the 8th March, which means I have 9 days left of homelearning, if we decide to do it, I am still not sure if I am going to keep making Monkey do it, it takes so long and we both have strops. Its doing a number on both of our mental healths. We tried it today, but I am not sure if its going to continue.

If all goes according to plan, June 21st is the date when everything is open. Which in Boris terms, means after Christmas 2021, however I am willing to put all my doubts to one side, if this turns out to be right.

I am still hoping that when it comes to the next election, the British people remember the bad along with the good. I am the first to say the government got it right with our vaccine programme, know what they didn’t get right, everything else, we have one of the highest death records, at least one member of the government has been found to acted illegally when giving out contracts to his mates, Hancock for those interested. PPE was a disgrace, track and trace was a failure, and if we move on from there, we have brexit, which is turning out to be the disaster people predicted, the fact that in the budget the first thing they have done, is reduce benefits, not close tax loopholes, tax the wealthy a bit more, nop reduce the money that the poorest have coming in.

I am also fairly sure, that if any bad comes out now, either Prince Phillip is going to die straight after, or more shit about Prince Andrew will come out. Depending on how far gone she is in her pregnency Meghan might give birth,

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12 Responses to Shit he gave us a date

  1. I think the main reason the vaccine rollout is a success is because it’s being handled by the NHS, not outsourced to Serco or Capita or one of Dominic Cummings’s mates.

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  2. You know deep down, that all the average voter is going to remember is the success of the vacciniations — which., as Chris says above, is actually due to the NHS and lots of ordinary people volunteering to help. But Boris will get the creditat election time……

    PS: Stop the struggle with Monkey, do something nice/fun with him instead.

    PPS: I had my first vacccination this morning. Yippee!

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  3. Carol anne says:

    god! I heard about hancock! Blows my mind!

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