We are seeing the light at the end

I am really getting sick of seeing this, I get the meaning behind it, but when ever anyone says they are struggling, thats the message they get back.

My problem is, we still have over a week to go till Monkey is going to be back into school and even then its not going to be like it was a year ago.

He is getting more and more stressed when we do homelearning and I am starting to really worry about him, I am encouraging him to talk to me about what he is feeling and his basic is he is lonely, I am lovely but I am not his friends. He is really missing that interaction he gets at school.

The next two weeks are going to be very long, going to be longer if the government change their minds again, I have said to him, it looks like you are going back to school in a couple of weeks but we just have to wait to see what happens. I don’t like not giving him a lot of hope, but also I don’t want him to be really upset if it doesn’t happen.

He already knows he is not really getting a birthday party, again we wil do what we can, but we are not his friends.

Got to keep my fingers crossed the government keep their word

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2 Responses to We are seeing the light at the end

  1. Carol anne says:

    Poor monkey! Its awful on kids. They need that socialisation with their friends. Xx

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