A few extra

Sorting the lego has been very long winded, but trying to sort the sets is what is taking the time. First, I have gone through all the lego finding the peices, then I have started ordering it, but after the first load, I noticed there were some mistakes I was making. Whether than was the wrong peices being put in, too many peices. Also the way I have my wish list set up on Bricklink (the place where I get my extras) if you need the same peice for two different sets, then you can’t put that in. So when I have been ordering some of them I have extra for, but no way of knowing which sets. So now, I go through them again to see if I can find any extra bricks.

After finishing the last load of, I went through the next load and found that I had all the peices for these two sets. Monkey was on them like a shot and then took the photos afterwards

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6 Responses to A few extra

  1. KDKH says:

    I love the pterodactyl!

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  2. Carol anne says:

    wow its neverending isn’t it? Lol!

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