I don’t need another soundbite

This time last year, the governments latest soundbite was no one left behind.

For this I am not going to go on a rant about the over 3 million people who, a year later, still are not getting any support and have lost their businesses, jobs, houses and families.

I am going to focus on those of us on benefits, especially legacy benefits. When support was offered, those people on universal credit, were given £20 a week extra. Those of us still on older benefits for whatever reason, in my case its because I don’t want to, but for many its because they have 3 or more children and unable to shift to a benefit system which can’t handle that. Were not.

Thats fine, you can’t have everything, then I come to find out that during the year, ESA (disability benefits) were still going on, in a time, when those on them needed them most. PIP assessments were still going on despite government promising they would suspend them.

Then and I kid you not, this weekend, my housing benefit was suspended because I can’t provide evidence that my PIP was stopped. I can now prove it, but only because I have had my assessment through on the Friday.

They also want evidence from my partner that his JSA has stopped. The fun thing about this, is we never got evidence it started, we just started to recieve it, we still haven’t recieved anything to say it has stopped. Despite me explaining this when I let them know our changes, they have decided to go fuck it and suspended anyway.

The thing is, I am sure I am not the only one this is happening to, so if so once again this government is treating some of the most vulnerable badly once again.

As me, they just got me angry and I was hoping that by today I may have calmed down enough not to phone them and tell them to go fuck a badger, but I am still angry, I have, however, upgraded to wanting to tell them to go fuck a moose.

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6 Responses to I don’t need another soundbite

  1. 😔 how frustrating. I pray it gets all sorted out soon

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  2. The pandemic isn’t bad enough, they have to screw up benefits for families and vulnerable people!?! A moose is appropriate.

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  3. Carol anne says:

    Lol go fuck a moose? Lol. You are definitely angry then with good reason! I think its despicable that they just stopped the benefit without notice. Fucktards! xo

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