*Reblog* Thank you!

I am starting the weekend share a wee bit early, because this is happening in about 5 minutes and I have had a great time doing these with all the bloggers and have made firm friends.

So if you want to give it ago, You have about 5 minutes (11pm GMT, 6pm EST) come and say hello. I will be fashionably late

Cyranny's Cove



Last year, at the beginning of the (first) lockdown, I decided to start a series of online weekend calls, to give people the chance to connect in a different way, here, in the Bloggosphere. To be absolutely honest, I was convinced that it would be a major flop, like many other ideas I had in the past.

The first weeks were rather quiet, but it started to build up, and we now have a little gang of regulars, and we meet (almost) every Friday at 6 PM (Eastern time).

Last Friday was our 40th meeting, and I was amazed that this idea has continued on for 10 months already! You Lovelies are awesome, and you have no idea how much our little chats have brought to my life. Not only have these meetings put a smile on my face, on days when I was less than jolly, but itโ€ฆ

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6 Responses to *Reblog* Thank you!

  1. Carol anne says:

    A really awesome idea! I will join in at some point! xo

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  2. Congratulations! Sounds fun, it’s right at family movie night time…

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  3. Cyranny says:

    Always a great pleasure to ”host” Skypy Fridays… Always a lot of fun, and the best way to start the weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing, Fab you!

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