I want it to stop

My anxiety is sky high at the moment, I am not sleeping well either because of it or my sleep is not helping it.

I really want this feeling to stop, I am struggling to concentrate on anything because of it.

I have stuff I want to do, instead I am spending my days curled up with the dog in bed.

I keep hoping its going to get better, but its not.

I hate when this year has done to me, this time last year I was doing all the school runs and was getting into a good position to go back to a job and now I am back to over 3 years ago.

I keep telling myself this too will pass.

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12 Responses to I want it to stop

  1. I have found myself struggling again. It’s terrible.

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  2. I hope things start to get better you very soon.

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  3. Be kind to yourself – there are things beyond our control at the moment. It *will* pass.

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  4. socialworkerangela says:

    Hugs sending positive mojo you get a lift off all this soon

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  5. transitions stink. it’s easy to have the agoraphobic tendencies magnify with the Covid isolating

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  6. Carol anne says:

    I hear ya trina! Mine is on the up too! I hate it! xoxo hugs!

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